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Diversity in Movement is KEY

Your body LOVES to move, in ALL WAYS.

Variation in your physical activity and movement is important for your overall health. Simply put, doing the same activity everyday is very limiting to your muscles.

Think about it. If you do pilates or barre every day, you are most likely using the same muscle groups, moving those muscles through the SAME range of motion. Over and over again. The same goes for running - you're moving your body in the same manner day in and day out.

It is important to diversify your exercise routine so that you

  • Use different and ALL muscle groups

  • Allow your body to move through its FULL range of motion

Here is how you can think about incorporating different types of exercise/movements:

  • Endurance/cardio (walking, biking, running, boxing)

  • Strength (cross-fit, HITT, uphill hiking, weights)

  • Tone (pilates, barre)

  • Restorative (yoga, breathing, meditation)

So, if you're putting together a movement routine, try and pick various types of movements and activities throughout your week!

This will ensure your muscles, joints, ligaments, and fascia are NOT overused. It allows your muscles to heal and recover, instead of constantly loading those tissues repetitively. It will help decrease your injury rate and severity!


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