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4 Different "Sitting" Postures to Squat Deeper and Improve Your Mobility

Have you been told that your posture is "bad?"Maybe to try a sit to stand desk?

Or have you ever wondered why you can't squat that low?

A majority of people sit in chairs most of their day. Whether it's sitting in the car, or chair or couch. We rarely ever access deeper ranges of motion, like sitting into a deeper squat. One of the biggest reasons its hard for many people to squat below 90 degrees comfortably is because the lowest we ever "squat" or "sit" is 90 degrees, basically the height of a chair.

Think about it. Your muscles only lengthen or contract as much as you put them into use. If you want to be able to squat deep, you have to use those muscles at those depth of ranges. Many people in Japan don't have furniture - they sit on the ground and use very low tables. In reality, these people are likely getting up and down from the ground at least 30 times a day. Think about how many squats and lunges up/down that is! That's already a workout in itself!

So, I challenge you to sit on the ground more. Move your body in various positions, angles, and directions. Challenge your body into your "end ranges," rather than sitting in positions that are more comfortable.

Here are 4 different ways to sit!

ONE: Deep Squat

TWO: Crossed Legged

posture physical therapy pregnancy mountain view

THREE: Mermaid

posture physical therapy sunnyvale

FOUR: Long Sit Bend

sitting posture physical therapy sunnyvale


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