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Thank you for trusting me in your care - I find true joy in my work and I'm so grateful for the genuine relationships I build with my clients.  I have a passion for helping people truly optimize their overall wellness and lifestyle; and providing the highest quality of care by continuing to learn more, so I can ultimately serve you better!

"Whoever brings blessing will be enriched,  and one who waters will himself be watered. " -Proverbs 11:25 

"Katrina is the best!  She has helped me so much during my pregnancy and postpartum recovery. I am a first time mom and I was a bit lost to how to go about exercising and preparing my body for labor and delivery. Katrina gave me some wonderful handouts that she made herself as they were very descriptive and easy to follow. She walked me through the exercises/stretches/techniques. She was able to explain the anatomical reasoning behind these techniques, which made a lot of sense to me (since I am an occupational therapist). However, I can also see how she can easily instruct and guide someone who does not necessarily have a background in the human body.

When I was in the hospital, she was kind enough to let me text her if I had any questions during my labor. I am thankful that I had a smooth labor and delivery. Even with my postpartum recovery, I recovered pretty quickly. I honestly think all the pelvic stretches and exercises paid off! But when I started developing clogged ducts and wrist pain, she taught me how to massage the ducts and reminded me on proper ergonomics when handling a newborn.

I thank God that I had Katrina to help me through my journey. She eased my anxieties and gave me the confidence I needed."

M.M. | Willow Glen, CA

“I am so lucky to have found Katrina. I had several health conditions that all simultaneously started happening: plantar fasciitis, overactive bladder, diastasis recti, pelvic floor tightness, lower back pain, and TMJ problems.

After each and every session I have to Katrina I see a difference and changes in my body. Katrina pinpointed the exact problems and had a planned solution for each problem and gave me a general idea of how long it would take. Taking everything step by step and knowing how she was addressing each and every problem really helped me see the progress, but also helped me to make changes outside of the session. 


Katrina is very pleasant, comforting, gentle, well-paced that are very important characteristics to have especially when dealing with sensitive issues such as the pelvic floor. Listens to everything I say without missing anything, double checking as well. It’s no surprise with her knowledge and character that we were able to address all the issues in a very calm step by step manner. Katrina really changed my life habits and gives me the care I need during each session. So grateful to have meet her, and only wish I met her sooner.”


L.L. | San Jose, CA

"I was referred to Katrina for pelvic floor physical therapy, surgery tissue scars and endometriosis in my ovaries and abdomen with severe pain. I felt safe and connected instantly with Katrina.  During the sessions, Katrina incorporated a combination of manual therapy, cupping, exercises, and nutrition counseling to help reduce my levels of endometriosis pain. It took weekly sessions with Katrina, home exercises and stretches, and trusting the process.  After 6 months of consistent therapy, my pain has reduced from being very intense for 4 days/month to now only a few hours in 1 day."

A.K. | Santa Clara, CA

"I visited Katrina 12 weeks after my third baby and I wish I had seen her sooner! My back was spasming and I was experiencing issues with my pelvic floor. She did a comprehensive assessment and focused on core strength/ pelvic floor function. After only a few sessions I was feeling so much stronger and she really taught me how to properly engage my pelvic floor muscles. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her to all postpartum moms."

H.J. | Mountain View, CA

Katrina is amazing. As a first time mom I was concerned about my labor/delivery and postpartum recovery, so having Katrina was a God send. Katrina is very personable, listens well, and thorough. You can tell from just talking to her she is extremely passionate about PT and cares deeply for all her patients. I was very overwhelmed with how much preparation and recovery I needed pre/post pregnancy but Katrina helped break down all the exercises and stretches in simple and approachable ways. Being in her care helped my labor and delivery go smoothly since all the exercises she had me practice were utilized during delivery. My post partum recovery was also much faster than I expected due to her guidance for what exercises to focus on for my pelvic floor.

She is the type of person you want to support you in your pregnancy and postpartum journey. I recommend her to all my friends and others who want a solid PT.

O.H. | Santa Clara, CA

I'm a pregnancy + postpartum movement specialist and I recommend all my clients in Sunnyvale and surrounding areas to Dr. Katrina Wong. Katrina is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable pelvic floor physical therapist, who truly cares about the well-being of all of her patients.

With her thorough, full-body approach to pelvic floor therapy, I know my clients are in very good hands. Highly recommend anyone seeking pelvic health support go see her, especially for common pregnancy and postpartum issues like pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, and diastasis recti!

C.G. | San Jose, CA

Strong strong strong recommendation! I worked with Katrina for merely three weeks for postpartum recovery and my husband was able to notice the difference in my stomach. Katrina is always punctual, gentle and nice. I am definitely going back to her when I get another kid.


H.T. | Mountain View, CA

My 3rd pregnancy was twins and I suddenly had a wide variety of symptoms I had never experienced before in my pelvic floor and otherwise. I reached out to Katrina based on excellent online reviews, and I saw huge improvement after just one session with Katrina! In addition to the in-person therapy, she gave me exercises to do between appointments, and I feel way better now at 27 weeks than I felt at 18 (despite obviously being much larger). She is skilled, knowledgeable, and a great listener. Her customized treatment and exercise plans (which she updates after each visit) have taken this pregnancy from very challenging to manageable. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

L.K. | Palo Alto, CA

I urge anyone with IBS, gut issues, nausea or diarrhea to use Katrina‘s abdominal PT therapy.  Katrina has changed my life. Post esophageal cancer surgery, My quality of life for 2 years was miserable. I had constant vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and monthly visits to ER.  She has eliminated this with 2 months of therapy. I can hike 5 miles or row for an hour every day.  Last December,  I could not even walk the dog for a mile.  It’s been a miracle!

T.P. | Los Gatos, CA

I saw Katrina for my pregnancy and postpartum for my third pregnancy. She was amazing at addressing my various concerns ( from back pain to sciatica during pregnancy to prolapse and ready to return to exercise postpartum) and she always gave me very "do-able" exercises that helped me! I had a speedy and tear free delivery and a breezy recovery postpartum, much to her help. She doesn't have a "one size fits all approach" and always is able to pivot if certain movements and exercises don't work. She is so amazing and listens well, its such a relief that she does home visits especially during post partum periods! She is calm and gentle and has made a HUGE difference in this pregnancy. I highly recommend her to all of my pregnant/post partum friends and those who are also experiencing pelvic floor issues.

T.F. | Mountain View, CA

Katrina is the most amazing physical therapist and she is a God-send to postpartum moms. She is attentive, careful, and really wants to make a difference and help transform and heal your body. Can't recommend her enough.

N.V. | Campbell, CA

I had previously received care from a bigger PT center in the area with various therapists during pregnancy and postpartum for several years. While I liked that site, my favorite PT there moved on and the site started charging an additional site fee for each visit on top of the services. After having 3rd kid, I looked for to see if I could find someone able to come to my home since getting out became more difficult especially early postpartum.

Katrina is simply amazing. I found her through a referral from a local moms group. During my initial visit she spent a long time with me and did a very throughout assessment. Each follow up visit, she creatively found exercises that could work for me at home, or that I could do along with my baby. After having 4 other PT's previously, Katrina really stands out in comparison to her ability to understand what is going on and how to provide care. I love how I feel after her treatment as she also blends eastern and western practices together for a very holistic experience.

She is also germ cautious, considerate, and is extremely encouraging with the small and big wins and is great especially for pregnant and postpartum moms. I only wish I had found her sooner. (My spouse also saw her as well and she helped a lot too.)

I am usually a bit skeptical of glowing reviews for a provider yet Katrina deserves all these 5 star reviews. She is slowly helping me put my body back to better condition than even pre-pregnancy. I have been recommending her to all my mom friends.

M.B. | Sunnyvale, CA

I've seen many physical therapists over the years, but Katrina is hands down the best! She is highly educated in her field, enthusiastic, thorough and keeps up with the latest research. Her passion for her profession shows and it is reflected in the care that she provides her clients. She has a keen eye for detail and form. She is also super sweet and loved chats with her.

Do not be scared of working out of insurance, she provides a super bill to submit and it is 100% worth it. She helped me with so much! You will not regret your decision.

C.P. | Los Altos, CA

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