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8 Quick Facts About Katrina

In this blog post, I decided to do something different. I believe it's important to feel comfortable with your healthcare provider and to know me beyond just my physical therapy title.

So, here we go!

ONE: I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts (B.A). in Kinesiology and Nutrition Science from Whittier College in 2020. During my college years, I ran intercollegiate division III cross country and taught a balance exercise class at the Whittier Senior Center.

Cross Country Championships 2015

TWO: I graduated with my Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Mount Saint Mary's University in 2022. I found my passion in pelvic health during my 2nd year of physical therapy school, and ultimately did a 3-month clinical internship in pelvic health at Agile Physical Therapy in Sunnyvale. CA.

Graduation 2020

THREE: I have two dimples - you just can't seem them through my mask!

FOUR: I love to be outdoors! Whether that is going on neighborhood walks, hiking, sitting outside in my backyard listening to the rain, or gardening!

Mammoth Lakes (Crystal Lake)

FIVE: I ran the LA Marathon in 2019 with 5 of my classmates from physical therapy school.

LA Marathon Finish Line

SIX: One of my favorites places I've visited is Nara, Japan! I loved the deer! I highly recommend. Here, I'm feeding the deer some crackers.

Nara, Japan

SEVEN: The first time I drove by myself from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, I locked my keys in my car in Lost Hills (boonies) along highway 5 and was stuck for 1 hour!

EIGHT: My favorite TV show is Survivor! I love Survivor, especially season 40!


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