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Prebiotics and Probiotics in Foods

Let's define each of these terms.

Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that act like fertilizers that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. In other words, prebiotics is the food for the probiotics. Prebiotics are found in many fruits and vegetables, especially those that contain complex carbohydrates, such as fiber and resistant starch. These carbs aren't digestible by your body, so they pass through the digestive system to become food for the bacteria and other microbes.

If you’re getting frequent UTI’s or bacterial vaginosis (BV) and have been on several rounds of antibiotics, it is likely affecting your gut microbiome in a negative way, so supplementing your diet with prebiotics to help flourish your gut bacteria can be helpful to fight any symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, irregular bowel movements, and straining to poop.

Probiotics is the bacteria in your gut that needs prebiotics as fuel to flourish and grow! Probiotics are live organisms in your gut!

So, let's talk about NATURAL FOOD sources of prebiotics and probiotics to supplement a healthy gut microbiome.

Below are a list of prebiotic foods!

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Below are a list of prebiotic foods!

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