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Stop Chasing Symptoms. Optimize Your System!

It's simple. Stop chasing the symptoms.

When it comes to healing your body and relieving pain, stop trying to just eliminate the symptoms with temporary exercises or stretches.

If you are struggling with lower back pain, look beyond just doing some back stretches. See how you are moving throughout your day, whether it is how you walk, stand or squat. Examine how your foot and neck positioning affect your back function.

If you are struggling with constipation or bloating, instead of removing the aggravating food (i.e. dairy), do things that help create resiliency in your gut so that you CAN eat those food triggers.

A new mindset: nurture and nourish your body by creating a new environment and lifestyle to help heal your overall body.

I am currently seeing many clients with constipation and bloating. They have been told to just eliminate the foods that trigger their symptoms. Or to just take medications to ease their hard stools. However, instead of removing things from your lifestyle and diet, incorporate lifestyle habits and modifications that help put the gut in a state that it can function better in.

Managing stress is a big one. When you are stressed, your body is on sympathetic mode. Your body is not focusing on digesting what you are eating. It's thinking about how to manage the stressor you are experiencing. When your body is stressed, other things become a priority...not digesting your food.

Slowly add in trigger foods that bother you. If dairy bothers you, maybe add a slice or cube of cheese with crackers to ease it on your digestion. In other words, don't eat those triggering foods "naked." Clothe your foods with other foods!

These are just examples.

As you can see, I'm really trying to emphasize treatments and lifestyle changes that help optimize your body system to function better. Whether its your musculoskeletal system, lymphatic system, digestive system, etc.! Instead of chasing the symptoms - this means doing what you can to eliminate the pain or discomfort in that moment.

I hope this little blog post inspires you to seek a health care provider who wants to optimize your wellness for life. Not just remove your back pain temporarily. Or to relieve your constipation or bloating with just removing possibly your favorite foods, like dairy!


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