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Sciatica? Piriformis Syndrome? What if it's your pelvic floor?

Are you struggling with sciatic nerve pain?

Or did google tell you it was piriformis syndrome?

It can be confusing to know exactly what it is.

I'm writing to show you that your sciatic nerve pain could actually be a pelvic floor problem! Look at the graphic above! You see that the sciatica nerve is sandwiched between your obturator internus muscle and your piriformis muscle! SO...not all sciatic nerve irritation is due to the piriformis muscle. It could be due to the obturator internus muscle!

Your obturator internus muscle is a deep hip muscle that can be palpated/examined externally (via the gluteus) or internally (vaginally) for females.

If you are struggling with "sciatica" or "piriformis syndrome," seek a pelvic floor PT to know the root cause of your symptoms! Who could have pelvic floor dysfunction!

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