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Breastfeeding: Top Tips for Night-Feeding

As a breastfeeding mom, it may seem like you are nursing and pumping all the time. I have a few tips for night-time feeds.

The First Few Weeks as a Newborn

The first few weeks after the baby is born is when the newborn is the most sleepy. Most likely, the baby won't wake up to feed, whether it be day or night time. It is especially important at night to wake up your newborn for feeding.

Once the baby gets back to its birth weight (which is around 2 weeks), it is okay to stretch out the feeds at night.

Night feeds are also important because breast milk contains melatonin, which helps etablish your baby's sleep cycle. Night feeds is also the time when prolactin peaks, which helps boost your milk supply.

Bottom line: Night feeds in the first few weeks postpartum establishes your milk supply!

Feed on Demand

This means to feed the baby when the baby is hungry. It is okay to skip feeds at night - the exception is if the baby is less than 2 weeks old. The baby establishes your milk production cycles! Not you! So when baby is hungry or wakes up in the middle of the night, it is time to feed!

Looking for a Lactation Consultant?

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Kelly Ryan, IBCLC

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