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Top Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

From the moment your baby is born, there are a number of things you can do to optimize your breastfeeding success. Here are a few tips I have learned from my patients and lactation consultants I wanted to share.

clogged milk ducts

Consistency: Make sure you are breastfeeding or pumping consistently - your breasts are on an internal clock. This will ensure the breasts do not get too engorged or develop clogged milk ducts.

Use a nipple shield: Many women with flat or inverted nipples have difficulty breastfeeding. Use a nipple shield! Nipple shields are fitted covers that help stimulate the baby’s sucking reflex. Overtime, the breast tissue will adjust and release the inverted nipple.

Use a silicone flange: This tip is for my pumping moms! Hard plastic flanges not only makes pumping uncomfortable, but also makes it harder to get the perfect fit. Silicone flanges are more gentle and allow for more effective pumping.

Use nipple cream with a flange: Another tip for my pumping moms! Add some nipple cream in the flange before placing the flange on your breast. This aids in a better suction between the flange and breast.

Breast feed, not nipple feed: It’s called breastfeeding, not nipple feeding, for a reason! If the baby doesn’t have enough breast tissue in his or her mouth, your nipple can get pinched and even sustain damage/small cuts. A poor breastfeeding latch can give you sore nipples and impact milk removal.

Now...let's talk clogged milk ducts. These are not fun! A clogged milk duct is an obstruction of milk flow in a portion of the breast, either at the nipple or further back in the duct system. You may notice a raised or firm/hard spot in your breast, decreased milk flow, or discomfort.

Nursing mothers with blocked milk ducts can benefit from Whole Body Wellness' safe and effective massage treatment. Be sure to contact me if you think you may be experiencing a blockage!

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