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Best Movement Practices During Pregnancy

One of the best movement practices during pregnancy to prepare for labor and delivery and have optimal comfort: FULL RANGE OF MOTION MOBILITY.


Movement hydrates, nourishes and lengthens your muscles. Your muscles in your pelvis, lower back, and abdomen need to be supple, relaxed and mobile to increase space in the abdomen and improve fetal positioning in the pelvis. Imagine sitting in a very restricted space, like sticky honey. It will be very difficult to navigate this environment. The same goes for the muscles and fascia in your abdominal region. If the baby is sitting in an environment in which the muscles are tight, dehydrated, sticky, and not mobile, the baby will feel restricted in that space and possibly have suboptimal fetal positioning (i.e. breech or transverse alignment).

So...MOVE during your pregnancy! Whether this is walking, yoga, raising your arms overhead, anything, just remember to move!

To learn more about how to prepare for labor and delivery and find optimal comfort during your pregnancy, visit my website!


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