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Happy Feet for a Happy Pelvic Floor

Taking care of your feet should be a daily routine!

Your feet must have optimal mobility, strength, motor control and coordination. Having optimal balance through the feet will always offer us more optimal body mobility.

I love the theraband foot roller because it helps you learn to articulate through the entire foot. Think of your foot like a slinky - it has the back, middle and front regions that must be able to articulate with the ground with impact, including jumping, walking, and running.

If your feet are able to find their 3 most optimal points of contact (big toe, little toe, and heel) every time you put weight on them, the foot is doing its job for optimal shock absorption and load transfer, so that other areas up the chain are not over-loaded.

Having optimal foot function decreases low back pain, urinary incontinence, and hip pain.

Check out this video on 7 foot exercises you can do to get started!


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