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5 Tips for Constipation During Pregnancy

During #pregnancy, #progesterone levels rise. Progesterone causes the smooth muscle around your digestive system to relax. As a result, the wavelike contractions that allow stool to move through your intestines slow down, contributing to #constipation.

Here are 5 tips to ease your bowel movements:

  1. Move for 10 minutes after each meal

  2. Have a nutritious, diverse and colorful diet! Try to consume 30 different types of vegetables and fruits a week!

  3. Enjoy your meals - be present. Skip the television or phone use with eating.

  4. Hydrate throughout the day, including drinks that have electrolytes like coconut water!

  5. Support gut motility with serotonin foods, including bananas, eggs, cheese, pineapple, tofu, salmon and nuts


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