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Helping women find lasting relief from endo.

Let me help you...
  • Prevent unnecessary surgeries

  • Address abdominal scar tissue and adhesions

  • Relieve painful defecation and urination

  • Relieve low back, abdominal, hip, and pelvic pain

  • Release trigger points

  • Restore your regular bowel routine

  • Restore pain-free intercourse

  • Find lasting relief

"I was referred to Katrina for pelvic floor physical therapy, surgery tissue scars and endometriosis in my ovaries and abdomen with severe pain. I felt safe and connected instantly with Katrina.  During the sessions, Katrina incorporated a combination of manual therapy, cupping, exercises, and nutrition counseling to help reduce my levels of endometriosis pain. It took weekly sessions with Katrina, home exercises and stretches, and trusting the process.  After 6 months of consistent therapy, my pain has reduced from being very intense for 4 days/month to now only a few hours in 1 day."


What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue, similar to the tissue that lines the uterus, grows outside the uterus.  Every menstrual cycle, the endometrial tissue builds and sheds (just like tissue in the uterus); however, the tissue is not able to leave the body through the vagina and instead stays in the abdominal cavity, resulting in inflammation, adhesions, and scarring.

Endometriosis can grow in the pelvic floor muscles, bladder, urethra, uterus, rectum, small intestine, large intestine, fallopian tube, diaphragm, liver, gallbladder and lungs. 

Can Pelvic Floor PT help Endometriosis?

YES! Absolutely!   I have seen so many women live with endometriosis for years, without finding any relief from multipel rounds of surgeries and medications.   A majority of women with endometriosis have tender and tight scar tissue in their abdomen and pelvic floor, contributing to their symptoms.  Due to the cyclical nature of endometriosis, this explains why women keep having to seek surgical treatment to remove more scars; however, this only stimulates more scar tissue to form.  I incorporate several manual therapy techniques to help you find lasting relief!

When should I start physical therapy?

I would recommend starting as early as possible!  I highly recommend coming in for therapy before attempting surgery.  I have had many patients find significant improvement to the point that they did not need surgery. If you do plan on having surgery, I recommend physical therapy beforehand to facilitate a fasting healing time and recovery. 

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