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Items For Sale

Here are a list of physical therapy items for sale.  Since I buy the following items in bulk, each item is at a discounted rate. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of these items during our visits together.  
franklin ball.jpeg
foam roller.jpeg

Orange Franklin Balls

(Sold as a pair)


OPTP Soft Foam Roller

(Quantity 1)

$50 each

lure cupping set_edited.jpg

Lure Cupping Set (Zen)

(Set of 6: 2L, 4M)



Lure Cupping Set (Edge)

(Set of 8: 2L, 2M, 4S)


plantar fasciitis los altos physical therapy
foot pain mountain view physical therapy
mini blue ball.jpeg

Half Balls


Green Franklin Balls

$10 each

Blue Mini Massage Balls

$4 each

green massage ball.png

Green Mini Massage Balls

$4 each

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